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About Me

I grew up with parents that value photography. No matter tightly we were pinching pennies, my mom always had a good camera. I'm grateful for a well documented childhood. I also get my love and passion of documenting life from my dad's family. A few years ago he gave me the tripod his father, a professional photographer, used as a young man. He died when my dad was just a teenager so I was never able to meet him but I have always felt connected by our mutual love of photography, and thankful I was blessed with the same passion for capturing important moments. 


When I look through the lens of a camera I am amazed at how beautiful people are. It's easy to say that about children but I have found that it's true of all ages. My You Are Beautiful sessions are an amazing way to show that to women of all ages. I can't help but get teary when I see a woman see herself the way her loved ones do- BEAUTIFUL. 


Being the mom of three children, I know how quickly time goes by. I have THOUSANDS of photos of my own children and yet I don't regret a single one and even wish for more. Each stage of childhood is truly fleeting. I love to know that I am helping families capture the moments that pass too quickly but are so incredibly precious.